André Lustosa Cabral de Paula Motta

I am currently working on my PhD on Computer Science at North Carolina State University under the direction of Dr. Tim Menzies. I also develop software solutions for other companies at Oceansoft as the CTO.

Before coming to NC State, I finished my BsC in Computer Science at the Computer Science Department at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais from Aug. 2015 to July. 2019, where I worked with Dr. Olga Nikolaevna, mainly focusing on market prediction using machine learning, and Dr. Adriano Veloso working mainly with text mining for a legal problem. I was a software engineering intern at Hexagon Mining, a machine learning engineer intern at CSU Cardsystem and worked as a software engineer at Jr Mendonça.

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My research currently focus on text mining techniques, optimization techniques and association rule learning focused on improving software engineering tasks.

Optimizing Text Encoding Model to Improve Matching Between Resumes and Job Postings
Andre Motta
Preprint, 2019

Does optimizing the generation of encodings for text mining improve the decision making process of models?

An NLP Approach for Detecting a Link Between TextCoherence and the Speed of a Bill Promulgation
Andre Motta,Igor Marques, Lucas F. Lage.
Preprint, 2019

We present in this paper an analysis of semantic distances in bill doc-uments aiming to generate features for speed of law approval prediction.

Preprints in Portuguese
Um Portfólio Inteligente no Mercado Especulativo Usando Técnicas de Machine Learning - Ações e Crypto.
Andre Motta.
Preprint, 2019

Discute-se nesse paper a aplicação de diversas redes neurais na previsão do mercado de criptomoedas.

Um Sistema de Vigilância e Perseguição Usando Occupancy Grid eUma Versão Modificada de Campos Potenciais
Andre Motta,Daniel Ishitani.
Preprint, 2018

Discute-se nesse paper a aplicação de uma versão modificada do algoritmo de campos potenciais para aplicações de vigilância.


CSC230 C and Software Tools(TA)

Selected Coursework
  • CSC 791 - Automated Software Engineering
  • CSC 520 - Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC 505 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSC 510 - Software Engineering
  • CSC 515 - Software Security
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